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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


As a resident, you will have access to a portal where information on your account, your lease, your utilities, community events and general information and updates will be accessible. We encourage residents to check the portal at least weekly and allow push notifications for community updates.
Residents can access the portal online at or through the Westdale Living Mobile App, available on Google Play and The App Store.

Rent payments can be made in many convenient ways. Residents can set up recurring payments or one-time payments in the resident portal or use the walk-in payments (WIPS) method to convert cash to an electronic payment at many local, convenient retailers. Residents may set up text-to-pay or use a voice assistant to pay rent and any outstanding balances. For voice assistant payments, please add the RENTCafé Resident Services Alexa Skill. Check with management staff for help with any of these options.

Prior to move-in, residents will need to provide the management team with the electricity account number showing service has been set up in the resident's name for the home with services starting on their lease start date. Failure to maintain electric service will result in a charge back for actual electric usage and a fee for each month in which electric service is not established in the resident's name.

The water, sewer, and trash utilities are kept in the landlord's name and are billed back to the resident based on actual usage as measured by individual meters for each home. Residents will receive a monthly statement and the actual usage will be billed back to the resident ledger. Residents may review these charges in the resident portal. The monthly Utility Billing Fee covers the processing of invoices and billing. There is also a one-time setup fee due upon first billing.

Cable/phone/internet/satellite services will need to be set up in the resident's name through a provider that services the community.

Each home comes with a smart home technology package. This includes a keyless front door lock, a video doorbell, a smart thermostat, a hot water heater leak detector, a motion sensor, and contact sensors for each of the exterior doors. Smart devices can be controlled remotely through the Rently Keyless application accessible on a mobile device.

All residents must obtain and maintain renter’s insurance with a minimum of $100,000 personal liability coverage during the term of this lease. If the resident has an animal, their policy must cover animals and animal bites.

If the resident does not have renter's insurance, they may contact ResidentShield, a leading insurance company that offers high quality, low cost insurance protection to residents of our community. More detailed information about ResidentShield can be found at or by calling a licensed agent at (800) 566-1186.

At the resident's option, they may choose to enroll in their programs, or alternatively, they may secure their own coverage elsewhere.If a resident elects to obtain coverage from another insurance carrier, they will be required to provide the declarations page for their policy, including the name of their insurance company, the policy number, the effective and expiration dates of the policy and ensure that Beacon at Vine Creek and information below is listed as an Additional Interested Party on the policy:

Beacon at Vine Creek
P.O. Box 3687
Coppell, TX 75019-4277

If we do not receive an updated Renter's Insurance Policy, the resident will be enrolled in our Master Insurance Policy and will have a recurring monthly lease charge to cover the home only. This policy does not insure your personal property within the home.

There are various surveys sent to our residents at different times throughout the leasing process. After a tour of an available home, after a work order is completed, and at various intervals during the lease term, Westdale will reach out to obtain your feedback. We value your feedback and want to learn and grow to better serve our customers. The portal also has a feature that will allow you to provide feedback at any time.


Residents are responsible for pest control at their homes.

Lawncare (mowing only) will be performed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the season of the year. The lawncare company will need access to all front, back and side yards. On lawncare day, please ensure that the fence is not locked, all pets, pet waste, and lawn furniture and toys are removed from lawn to give lawncare workers full access for mowing. If the backyard is not made available to lawncare workers, the lawn will not be mowed, and yard will be placed for service the following week.

Residents will submit maintenance work order requests through the property online portal. Once received, management will notify residents as to how the request will be handled. Our property management company, Westdale, will handle the major mechanical issues and other major home repairs but require that minor maintenance items are addressed by residents.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of what Westdale will address:

  • Major plumbing repairs such as line blockages from tree roots or cracks in the main lines not caused by resident negligence or misuse.
  • HVAC replacement or major repairs not caused by lack of filter replacement.
  • Appliance repairs or replacement caused by age of appliance or repair needed that is not related to resident negligence or misuse.
  • Broken window or door glass by weather related events or product issues
  •  Garage door issues related to mechanics and not vandalism, resident negligence, or misuse.
  • Roof repairs or replacement
  • Fence picket and post replacements unless damage is due to resident negligence or misuse.
  • Door locks related to misalignment or sticking (Lockouts are not a landlord responsibility and will not be performed by Westdale management)
  • Repairs to plumbing and fixtures related to life expectancy of those fixtures and not due to resident negligence or misuse.
  • Electrical repairs related to wiring, switches, outlets, and breakers.
  • Flooring issues related to age or warranty issues.

Resident Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Changing light bulbs
  • Changing the HVAC filter every 30 days.
  • Replacing batteries in garage door opener remotes, smoke detectors and smart locks (front door).
  • Unjamming and resetting garbage disposals.
  • Winterizing exterior faucets  
  • Maintaining the yard in compliance with HOA or community standards (Lawncare will address the lawn, however, any ornamental additions & de-weeding will be the resident's responsibility to maintain in compliance with the HOA restrictions)
  • Replacing irrigation parts damaged by residents.  
  • Watering the foundation
  • Keeping garage door sensors aligned so garage door properly opens and closes.
  • Unblocking toilets with a plunger to clear minor clogs  
  • Keeping hair and foreign objects out of drains and using zip strips to unclog minor drain clogs.
  • Any damage related to misuse or negligence by residents, occupants, or guests.
  • Vandalism


Up to two animals are allowed per home with appropriate fees and rent paid.
Reptiles, poisonous animals, exotic animals, farm animals, animals raised for food or commercially, etc. are not allowed. Small mammals that are in a cage, fish, and caged birds are allowed and not subject to a pet fee or rent.
Service animals are not considered pets. Please contact the management team with any questions on the animal policy or to discuss a service animal.

No satellite dishes are allowed.


As good neighbors, residents are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the homeowner’s association (HOA) in the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) document. This document will be provided as part of the Lease Agreement. It governs the ways in which homes and the community can be accessed, used, decorated, and repaired. It also sets forth who is responsible for the maintenance and landscaping of common areas and neighborhood amenities.

The HOA dues are covered with the monthly rent. Westdale will interact with the HOA for the residents. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding HOA dues, you may reach out to a member of the Westdale management staff.

If a notice of violation is received from the homeowner's association (HOA), the violation will be communicated with the resident and the resident will be given a time frame to remedy the violation. If the violation is not remedied in the allotted timeframe and/or a penalty or fine is assessed, the resident will be responsible for the fine and any costs involved for Westdale management to remedy the violation. If the violation is not deemed as the resident’s responsibility, Westdale management will remedy the violation with no charge to the resident. If there is reason to dispute a violation, the resident and Westdale management will work together to resolve the issue with the community HOA.

All common areas and amenities are unattended and unsupervised, and residents use them at their own risk. Access to the amenities may require a controlled access device or code. Westdale management staff will provide amenity/HOA contact information to residents so they can retrieve all amenity access devices. Each home will be provided with one access device. Residents are responsible for all replacement costs for all additional and non-returned access devices.

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